Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Think and Grow Rich- Wendy's take on Chapter 5

I have read this chapter 4 times, listened to it on audio before going to bed last night and read it again this morning and I think I may be starting to get it. But I know I don’t have it yet.

Here is what I woke up thinking about this morning. When was a sales manager for “CarMax” I was one of the best Sales Manager’s in the region. The funny thing is, my team (all men) used to tease me because I didn’t know a thing about cars except how to drive one. They were puzzled at how it was so easy for me to sell cars. But I was really great at feeling out my customers and focusing on their needs. I would watch them respond when looking at the different cars. I would ask them lots of questions. Do they have kids, what colors do they like, do they like to drive fast, what kind of work do they do. In other words, I would focus on their needs. I would watch the body language between the husband and wife. I always knew when they were feeling like this may be it and that is when I would offer the test drive.

I didn’t know a thing about cars, but I knew where to get the answers. I could read the window sticker, talk to the mechanic, discuss financing with the finance manager etc. So a Mom of 3 who knew very little about cars was very successful and used to puzzle all of the motor heads who knew it all but couldn’t sell cars.

I think when I worked at CarMax I was successful because I focused on the people rather than the sale.

I am now realizing that when I started my MLM I did the opposite. You see I wanted so badly to be successful that I pushed and totally treated my business as a sales business. I began to focus on the numbers. Making it a numbers game and talking to more people a day. I didn’t waste my time on tire kickers. I stuffed my head with product knowledge because I wanted to be an expert.

About a year ago I realized that I was really unhappy. I looked at the number of people who came and went. I saw the number of people that were failing and wanted to figure this thing out. Why was this MLM thing not working for so many people? I began looking for answers. I watched “The Secret”, read the book “The Science of Getting Rich” and many others and started focusing on personal development. I realized that my passion is helping others. I began to meditate and have conversations with myself and God. I asked the universe to point me in the direction that I needed to go and to pull the right people into my life.

I am realizing that it really is just about people.

I am grateful that Mentoring for Free found me.

I am grateful that Bruce picked up the phone.

I know I have a lot to learn……….I am ready to receive.

~ Wendy Krick

“Be a mentor with a servant’s heart!”

Success in 10 steps

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