Saturday, August 9, 2008

Crtical Thinkers Will Want to Read

Here is an e-mail from my Coach and Mentor Michael Dlouhy...


Dear Wendy,

Hello Professional Network Marketers.

Michael Dlouhy with Mentoring For Free with more
Proof on "WHY" it is so important to be a Critical
Thinker and the Need to be in a 5 Pillars Company.

As a Professional Network marketer You will want
to read this ENTIRE Criminal Case filed in Florida..

Remember the TWO questions that the Attorney
General asks to see if You may be in a Ponzi or
Pyramid Scheme as You read this Criminal case.

#1. Would a logical thinking person spend this
amount of money on this Product or Service if
there was NOT a Pay Plan attached to it.

#2. Does the income stop when the recruiting stops.

There are Thousands of people that have lost over
100 MILLION dollars that would have been avoided
"IF" they had asked these TWO simple questions.

Remember this One Final Quote From Michael Dlouhy.

If You Cannot Pay For It With A Credit Card..RUN..

This SCAM was possible because they sent MONEY

We Believe In You
Michael & Linda Dlouhy

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