Friday, September 5, 2008

Discover The Secret of Turning Bad Prospects Into Good

Have you ever wondered how one person can talk to
25 prospects and sign up 20 and another person can
talk to those same people and struggle to get just

The one thing common to both situations is the person
doing the talking. So what is the difference between
someone who can attract 20 out of 25 and someone who
can attract 1 out of 25?

That difference can lead someone to high levels of
success in any business and any job. If you know this
secret, you can basically determine your own destiny.

Want proof?

Here are two people who learned this secret and applied
it to their jobs. One person applied this secret at his
sales job and earn an extra $1,000 in just two days.

Another person took this secret and applied it to some
prospective clients that had never bought from their
company. These prospective clients turned into paying
customers to the tune of over $180,000 in just 6 weeks.

This secret when properly applied can allow you and
any one who wants to use it to write their own check.

What is this secret?

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