Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why you need the Mental Cleanse Call.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing what you know needs to be done. Look at the Mental Cleanse call. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to say or write when you are sending in your lesson. It would be real easy to say to yourself, “Michael gets hundreds of lessons, he won’t notice if I don’t send in mine”.

But being a Leader means being committed. You owe it to yourself and this mastermind group to give of yourself Freely. It is important for all of us. Did you know you could touch someone’s life with your words? Or you may hear something today that will change your life forever. Knowing this, why would you not get on the calls or turn in your lesson?

It is important for me to surround myself with “like minded” people who are going in the same direction as me. This keeps me focused and on track. It is almost like therapy.

With Mentoring For Free we have all the tools we need to own our life. Growing a business can feel like an uphill climb at times but it is a climb we are all making together as a mastermind group. However, no one can take my steps but me. I must be the one to take action, do my self talk, get on the calls and turn in my lessons. Yes, I must be the leader. I must take the steps. But it sure is nice to know that there are lots of hands ready to catch me if I fall. I feel blessed to know there are people to help push me back up and point me back in the right direction.

Thank you Michael, Linda and all of the beautiful members in Mentoring For Free. I am feeling very loved and blessed today!

You’re Friend For Life, Wendy

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