Sunday, March 8, 2009

Social networking and building your downline

Ann Sieg is making waves again.

She just released a new video with veteran network marketer
Mike Klingler.

In this video, she coaxes some amazing secrets out of Mike.

In case you didn't know, Mike has joined forces with Ann.
They're providing important new training for the network
marketing industry.

Mike has highly unusual skills.

He can teach just about anybody how to get free, quality
leads from the Internet - for retail products or business

It's explained on this video (it's totally free and you don't
even have to give your name or email to watch it):

Listen, Mike's not wet behind the ears. He's been in the
business since 1996.

And he's tried everything under the sun -- friends and family,
knocking on doors, cold-calling leads, fax blasting, newspaper
and magazine advertising, even TV commercials!

But he confessed to Ann he's NEVER seen anything like
online attraction marketing. And that's what he describes, in
detail, on this video.

You will look at the Internet a whole new way. Even if you
already know about marketing on the Web.

Because Mike gives actual examples of his training. You
can try out what he shows you right after you watch the video.

One of the key concepts he talks about is what he calls,
"leveraging the news" - something I've never heard anyone
else talk about before.

This will show you how to take advantage of hot trends
and current events that are going on right now to generate
more leads for your business.

It's really simple to put into use and that's just one of the
strategies he talks about.

By the end of the video I was convinced Mike is at the
leading edge of the most important new wave in network

Plus, it's not just good information on the video. It's also

Just one example: You'll hear about an older network
marketer who didn't even know how to turn on a computer.

After just a couple months of Mike's training, he was
generating his own free leads from the Internet!

And most people are using what Mike teaches them to get
results faster -- much, much faster!

You've simply got to see this video.

(Remember you can watch it right away and you don't even
have to give your email address)

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