Saturday, March 21, 2009


As I've mentioned over and over again, I love Social Networking Sites like Twitter, Squidoo and facebook. I get to meet the most amazing people. Today I want to talk about twitter. I have been really enjoying Twitter. Okay, I'm a little addicted to it, but I really enjoy socializing and getting to know other people. Plus the traffic to my site is incredible! But one of my biggest challenges is keeping up with all of the tweets. I now am following over 2000 people.

Well, I read were a friend of mine really liked Tweet-deck and so I decided to check it out. Now I've only been using it for a day but I have to tell you it is really neat. First of all it is easy to set up and use. You can shorten your URL's and send pictures direct to. But what I really like is that when you respond to someone, you can see when they respond back. Their tweet doesn't get lost in all of the other tweets. Plus you can sort your friends into groups. So far I really like it.

Are any of you using Tweet-Deck? If so I would love to hear your comments or suggestions and tips.

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