Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Network Marketer makes Giant Squid

Well it's taken a year and now with over 70 lenses I have made Giant Squid!

I love Squidoo for so many reasons. Squidoo has connected me with amazing people and has been a way for me to help others. As a network marketer I am very passionate about teaching others and helping them to be successful and avoid the pitfalls in network marketing. Through my Squidoo lenses I believe I have been able to help many people.

Squidoo is a great way for Network Marketers to connect with and build relationships with others. You can also generate lots of leads for your business.


Tyla Mac said...

Congratulations on becoming a Giant Squid Wendy! I look forward to at least 70 more of your great lenses.

Wendy Krick said...

Thank you Tyla! You are so sweet.

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