Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to avoid this fatal Clickbank Mistake made by Newbies.

Many people have discovered affiliate marketing with clickbank as a way to make money from home. And and they start out looking for clickbank affiliate marketing training, and then they make this fatal mistake and shoot themselves in the foot before they even get started.

When someone is excited to anything they often want to jump in head first and generating quick cash. Which isn't possible at first. Anyone can be successful in affiliate marketing but you need to be aware of some of the frustrations that can slow you down.

Often new clickbank affiliate marketers make it hard on themselves. Remember, affiliate marketing is just simply redirecting traffic to a website. You are simply recommending a product. But, that doesn't mean it's easy. Treat your affiliate Marketing as a business, not just a hobby. This means you need to be productive daily.

Which brings me to the biggest mistake that many affiliates make when looking for clickbank affiliate marketing training. It is called information overload. Often when people are learning they spend many hours reading websites and e-books. But they never take real action.

Here's what I suggest. Limit yourself to one subject per day and save the rest for another day. So if today you are learning about Squidoo. Read a few articles or websites that teach about blogging and writing on Squidoo. Then use the skills that you learned and create your own squidoo account and write your first Squidoo page.

What happens to many people that they try to do too much in one day. For example the simple task of reading e-mail could take hours if you allow yourself to get lost in clicking all of the links that have been sent to you. This valuable time could have been spent making money and we all want to make cash right? So to make money you need to get busy in the doing rather than the reading.

So how to deal with information overload? Here are two valuable tip that you can start utilizing today.

1. Go to your bookmarks and create a file folder called "Things to read when I have time". So if your task at hand is researching blogs and you stumble on an interesting article about a different topic, you can save it for later. This way you are not missing out if the article is of value, but you are keeping on task.

2. Now, do the same with your e-mail. Create a folder and save the e-mails that you think may be of value. Only read the urgent ones and then get to work with your business.

So go out there and start getting real result from the daily action that you take. If you can get focused you will begin to see amazing results.

So while you are searching for clickbank affiliate marketing training, take the information you need right now and bookmark the ones that have value but are off topic for your daily success.
You can read them later.

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