Monday, October 4, 2010

How to earn money writing online by getting targeted traffic to your articles on HubPages.

In this article by L.M.Reid, She explains that there are many ways to increase the traffic to your articles and hubs online. She explains one of them here that works very well for her. These readers come to her articles because they share the same interest as she does and therefore are already willing to read the article in full.

Writing about a particular subject no matter what it is will be easy for experienced writers because all writers have their own interests that they have abundant knowledge and expertise in. They love writing about and sharing their passion with other people because it is something they need to do.

That is why Facebook groups work very well for her. There are millions of groups on Facebook of every single possible interest no matter how obscure. The writer need only find and join these groups to get their articles and hubs read.

In this article she gives examples of some of the subjects she writes about and how the Facebook groups specific to these subjects get her many new readers. She also explains in detail how to find and join a group on Facebook.

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