Saturday, September 15, 2012

Best Ways to Get Traffic for Cheap

There are lots of ways to market your business for free. But here are Two of my Favorites.

#1 Twitter and Facebook is a great way to share your links. But if you don't have a very large following it will be hard to get the traffic you need to get sales. But did you know that there are sites like CashBlurbs where people share each others tweets? It works like this. You tweet or Facebook share a members link. Then another member will share your link. It's about helping each other. This is a really effective way to get more traffic for cheap.

#2 Another way to get traffic for cheap is to use the traffic trick that I use. I go to Fiverr and find someone who has high ratings and lots of Twitter Followers to Tweet my link.. I always get great results when doing this. Here's why... I have 14,000 followers, but the person who sent out the tweet had 400,000 followers. So to me it was worth the $5 to do that.

I hope you found these Using Twitter Business Marketing Tips useful. What are some of the ways you get traffic for cheap?

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