Thursday, September 20, 2012

Does Fiverr work?

I discovered Fiverr during the last few weeks and I have to tell you I am totally in love with the site. There is two ways you can use Fiverr. One is to earn $5 for doing a gig. Or you can pay $5 to have someone do a gig for you. I was a buyer. I spent $10 on two different gigs. They were each to tweet and re tweet my tweet. After these gigs were done, I received a huge boost in traffic to my website and I even got a sale! But the most important thing is now I have an extra 2000 followers on Twitter which is awesome.

Then today, I spent $5 on a Gig for a woman to create a Youtube video for me. She did an awesome job at creating my video. I certainly got my monies worth.

I would highly recommend Fiverr for anyone who needs help with marketing. There are people that will send you Facebook Likes, Tweets, Pinterest Likes, Youtube Likes and much more.

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