Sunday, March 16, 2008

On Faith and Fear

On Faith and Fear

“Faith and Fear make poor bedfellows. Where one is found the other can not exist”. ~Napoleon Hill

This is something so true and I know this but this is the one simple thing in the law of attraction that I have a hard time with. It seems what I know I should feel and what I feel is a constant war inside of me. It is hard to break the bad habits.

I have been through many tragedies in my life and God has always taken care of me. I find myself angry at myself this morning because I am realizing I have been very fearful the last few weeks because of a problem going on with my husband’s job. And fear that things may get worse there. What have I been thinking? The universe always supplies. Where is my faith?

So I’m thinking how do you get your faith back when you are in fear mode? Well first of all I need to understand that I must be in faith mode if I want abundance. I know I must be grateful for what I have. Be grateful and blessed the Michael has a job to go to. I need to know when I am beginning to be in fear. I need to know how it feels so I can immediately shift to faith.

I remember years ago reading a book by Anthony Robbins and I remember him talking about fear and faith. He used the words hope and expectancy I believe.

Hope to me is kind of like when you are hoping that something will come in the mail. It is a wish. It may or may not be there but we wish it is. That is hope.

Expectancy is when you know it is coming; you just don’t know when it will arrive. But you know it has been shipped and you are ready to receive the shipment!

Hope doesn’t feel as good as expectancy.

Wow! This is starting to get me excited.

Expectancy just feels so much better! It feels great because there is no doubt. And I don’t need to spend time with worry because there simply are no worries. I can spend the time (that in the past I would have spent on worry) now I can spend it on being productive.

Wow! (Light bulb just went off)

But what happens when worry/fear creeps back in? How will I be able to nip it in the butt? I need to be aware of how I feel. If I am feeling down or sad, I need to hear the signal and turn that fear into faith. How to do that? I need to remind myself that God (the Universe) always provides. I need to keep reading positive stuff like Think and Grow Rich. I need to hang out with positive people like those in Mentoring for Free. I need to know, like I know, like I know.

I need to not beat myself up if I slip back a little and understand that I am developing a habit. I need to not give up and keep focused on my goal. I need to be a living breathing vessel of faith. I need to expect good things.

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