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Lessons on Chapter 15 or Think and Grow Rich

I've been listening to the mental cleanse calls since
December 2007, I have never read a chapter and
never even thought of turning in a lesson Plan, I
thought I don't need to do this, I've read the book
before a couple of years ago?

I thought the mental cleanse was for the weak.
Well I decided to do my homework this week, and
I just finished reading chapter 15.
After reading that chapter I was thinking to my self,
WOW I'm guilty of everything they are talking about,
I'm full of FEAR, DOUBT, and indecision and I did
not even know it.

This chapter was very heavy. I am going to re-read
it and take the time to answer all the questions
honestly and really evaluate myself.

Being a BLUE is a lot of FUN but can be FATAL
to my success in life if I don't stop the chatter and
really be able to listen to that ONE voice, Our
higher self.

Fear of POVERTY, I had no idea I had a FEAR of
poverty, but now I know that I do. MIchael I feel I
need to re-read this chapter over and over again,
and Michael I really need to stay plugged in to
every call that Mentoring For Free has to Offer.
There is a reason they call them the 6 Ghost of fear.
Because they don't exist, Michael just knowing that
FEAR OF POVERTY is a state of mind made me
feel GOOD because I have control of that and I can
change that.


That means every Problem, every ugly situation that
has occurred in my life, I've created it? From now
on I will observe every thought that comes in or out
of my mind, and I will make sure I only think of the
things I want.

FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real
I LOVE YOU Michael
My ghost....Fear of Poverty

I am now realizing that the place I am at financially
was created by no other than me. My past thoughts and
vibrations and fears brought me to where I am. I am
now realizing that finances have nothing to do with
hard work or luck. It is really my beliefs.

So why is it that I have a fear of poverty?
I started asking myself this question actually about 4
months ago when I realized that I had been programmed
to believe that it was "normal" to always struggle and
also that "people who were rich often were not very nice
This was nothing told to me, but the vibrations I picked
up as a child of a minister. When I figured this out I
picked up the phone and called my Dad and asked him a
simple question.

The question was "Dad, how would you feel if I made
more money then you or was even rich?" He told me
he would be very proud of me.

Man oh Man.... It was my own programming!!! Duh.
Somehow I got the idea that I wouldn't be a good
person if I was Rich and I would be a disappointment
to my Dad.

So now 4 months later I see growth but am realizing
that I still have a far far way to go. I know now that
my own thoughts create my reality.

I am seeing now that even though I know it possible
that I can have financial wealth I am letting this fear
hold me back. I don't live like someone who believes
in Financial Riches.

I find myself speaking the language of the poor.
"We can't afford it", "It's too expensive".

I know that my thoughts and words spoken create
my now. So I must begin to change my thoughts
and be aware of my thoughts. It is easier said than

I also know that I must not beat myself up if my
growth doesn't happen overnight. I know that it
took me 44 years to get to where I am.

I am now committed to reprogramming my thoughts
with what I choose. I choose my reality. I am now
changing my thinking through self talk, visualization,
keeping a gratitude journal, and speaking as if I have
already received.

I know I need the support of Mentoring for Free. It
is really cool knowing that Michael, Linda and
others who believe in me.

This fear of poverty is a huge mountain. But it is
simply an obstacle in my path. But I am bigger than
it is and I have the tools to chip away at it and I
will remove it.

Thank you for this group!
Your friend for life!
Wendy Krick
Ouch ! This chapter hurt. Taking a good hard look
at myself isn't pleasant. "Recognize the fact that
you are by nature lazy, indifferent and susceptible
to all suggestions which harmonize with your

Ouch ! But another sentence caught my eye -
"There is nothing standing between us and our
desires except lack of definite purpose."
I have a purpose. I will recognize my weak
nesses, overcome them and focus on my
purpose. And that feels good.

Joyce L. Penner

This is the first time I do a lesson plan on Chapter
15. I believe that by this Chapter I was tired.Having
been at this for 23 months, I believe that I finally
get it.

Not that I won't keep doing this, for I know that I
have a road to still travel as I continue to grow in
leadership.However, I now know that WHO I am is ENOUGH.
Enough to lead, enough to nurture and enough to teach
my downline what they need to be successful.
"Who I am is Enough". Did I ever think I would get
here? I don't know. I dreamed of it.I imagined it,
but I couldn't really feel it.

The six ghosts of fear. Yes, I definitely had 3 of
them. The fear of Criticism, the fear of of Loss of
Love of Someone and the fear of Death.Death by someone
else's hand, not my own.

The fear of Criticism was by far the worst. I would
cringe when I was afraid of hearing it. Not when I
was finally hearing it, but when I dreaded what I
would hear.

"Indesicioun, is the seedling of FEAR, then it
cristallizes into DOUBT, the two blended together
impedes the sixth sense.

The sixth sense will never function while these three
negatives remain in the mind".

We need to be careful of only absorbing the positive
influence of riches from the ether. It is full of
negative,poverty thinking and fear of all kinds. We
have learned that we can absorb from the ether
abundance, wealth and riches of all kinds. However,
I had no idea that the flip side of that coin, was
the fear of Poverty, ill Health, and fear of Death.
I guess that is why I need to continue to plug into
this Mastermind group. I need the continued cumulative
effects of drawing on the minds of everyone focused
on riches and abundance cumulatively.

We all walk around crippled. Crippled in some way
or another by past or present hurts. Pain has a way
of leveling the playing field. Whether we are 20, 30,
50, 80, 100. It doesn't matter. We relate to each
other equaly when we share our hurts.

Years ago, I did a group therapy, I guess for 5 years
or more. In there were business owners, CEO's,
secretaries, salespeople, etc. Many of them
successful financially but broken spiritually with
broken marriages, etc.

The playing field was level.I forced myself to speak
and share my crippled spirit. But I was Scared. I
was Scared of the Criticism. But oh, how I grew!
I grew to a level to be able to sell major amounts
of money in advertising and go on to own my Own

It is the same now. I still feared Criticism. Some
worry about what people still thought of me. Still
thinking that I wasn't good enough to be a leader.
That I didn't dress the American way and what people
thought. Although rebelling anyway and keeping
some of my Brazilian Influence.

I could Nurture people, but could I harness my mind?
Could I harness it enough to lead in Skills?

5 months ago I decided it was time. And I worked
HARD on these lesson plans. Carefully combing
through them to find the Major lessons in them and
how they applied Totally and Completely to ME!
I stopped KNOWING that I was in control of my
mind and INTERNALIZED it and put it into play.
I guess I had become DEFINITE about only absorbing

Then I read the GO GIVER two days ago. And the
tears flowed. I wasn't sure why for I didnt' feel
pain. I guess it was a RELEASE. Finally a release
of my feelings of not being GOOD ENOUGH. I realized
that all I really needed was ME! ME was ENOUGH!
And the best part of it is that I Embraced it and
now FEEL it Totally and Completely! What Freedom,
What Wonder, What RELIEF!

I am now Good Enough for ME! ME is who really
matters. ME is who really Influences ME! Goodbye
voices in my head. Good by voices of the past.
Good by Indecision and Doubt and Self Criticism!
Thank you Michael. Eternally grateful,
Cynthia Breed
These are my thoughts from Chapter Fifteen:

by Michael Dlouhy

How To Outwit The Six Ghosts Of Fear.......

How Many Ghosts Are Standing In Your Way?

What a marvelous journey it has been reading and
sharing Napoleon Hill's "Think & Grow Rich",
chapter by chapter.

I know as leaders, everyone that reads and answers,
what ghosts are standing in your way will have at
least one if not many. This chapter above all has
been the most moving to me emotionally.

#1. The fear of poverty:
I was born and grew up in poverty, it is not a
problem for me at all everything that life gives
you from birth on is a bonus. Poverty is in your
own control.

#2. The fear of criticism:
97% of failure is self image. My aunt Honey told me
she loved me and that she was proud of me and I could
do anything at all in my life. Criticism not a problem.
#3. The fear of ill health:

People that fear death are afraid of becoming ill. If
you love yourself like I do myself you enjoy life and
never focus on becoming ill.

#4. The fear of old age:
Becoming older means you become wiser with age.
Also with age comes personal growth and a true
understanding of what is important in life.

#5. The fear of death:

When you have true inner peace, death is just a part
of living, why would anyone fear death.

#6. The fear of loss of love of someone:
Wow, this one ghost is the ghost that I have fought
my entire life. When you are told at age five and I
can remember this like yesterday "that you are no good,
stupid and will never amount to anything" I remember
saying to my mother at age five how can I be no good,
I am only five years old.

Napoleon Hill writes, parents often do their children
irreparable injury by criticizing them. Quote

The mother of one of my boyhood chums used to punish
him with a switch almost daily, always completing the
job with the statement.

You'll land in the penitentiary before you are twenty.
He was sent to a Reformatory at the age of Seventeen.

As a child I thought if I could do more, clean the
house better, do more laundry, mow the yard, that
my mother and father would love me and be proud
of me.

Linda, my beautiful wife is the person that taught me
how to love, and to love myself. Linda also taught me
that feelings buried alive never die.
I have a life today that most people only dream about
because of the love of two women.
My father's sister, my Aunt Honey who passed away
March 31, 2003, as a child she is the one that gave
me the belief in myself, you have to believe it,
before you will ever see it, not, see it to believe

My soul mate and wife of 35 years Linda, she gave me
the burning desire, persistence, and faith in myself
and everyone that our lives have touched.
Please live your life by Linda's Golden rule.
"If you can't say nothing nice about someone,
then don't say nothing at all"

To lose this love would be unbearable for me to
deal with, my sweet aunt Honey will always live
in my heart along with Linda in my life.
How can I ever thank the person that gave me my
life, and my special son Matthew and my special
daughter Amanda??

Unconditional Love is my answer.

Who is programming your subconscious mind?
Do they have the life you want?
Do they have the money?
The time freedom?
Only you know the answer.
Now is the time to understand your thoughts.
Michael & Linda Dlouhy

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