Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What can I learn from a Blue Bird?

“Go into some quite spot…” Well for me my quiet spot is the bike path that I walk. This is how I meditate after I read a chapter.

When I first go on my walk, I say my self talk out loud over and over again. This helps me to clear out any negative in my brain. I make sure I say it with emotion and I have a smile on my face. When I am feeling really good emotionally, I then become silent and just walk. I become an observer and just listen to what the universe has to say to me. The universe doesn’t speak to me in words it is just a knowing that I get.

As I walked today I received the most amazing gift. I saw some black birds flying around the trees and as I was watching, I noticed a blue bird. Wow was he pretty. He flew down right in front of my path for a moment and then flew away. So I continued to walk and it occurred to me that the bird, just flew there in my path. It just did. It didn’t try to fly it just did. I feel like the universe is telling me to stop trying and just be. Just be me. Just be me and be open to what God wants to show me. I know that God gives us messages in many different forms. I know that I will know.

I think what Mr. Hill is saying is this. Know what you want. Be very clear. Have and know you will have it. Do your self talk to help you with your belief and faith and to get rid of the chatter and negative thoughts.

I also believe that the universe finds the best path for us to get to our destination. So again, I need to stop trying but be open to listen to the directions that the universe gives me. That is when I need to act. I believe this with my whole heart. I have seen it happen. I remember one day when I was talking with God and asked to please help me find a way to make my business work. I felt as though I tried everything and came to a point where I just needed to turn it over to God. When I did that, the next morning my phone rang and it was Bruce telling me about Mentoring For Free. I knew at that moment that God working through Bruce.

Imagine if I wasn’t open to receiving? I would have missed out on all this love and all of these beautiful relationships.

I think this is what Mr. Hill meant when he said…”Be on alert for these plans and when they appear put them into action immediately.”

Why so much struggle in my past? The past 44 years had been self talk of me (Wendy) trying to control the universe! That’s why it didn’t work. I am a part of the universe. God who I call the universe is in me, He is in you and everyone. If God is in me, than yes, I can create anything I want. But I need to stop trying. I need to just be.

The most important thing I took from this chapter is I must continue to do my self talk all day long. If I allow negative thoughts to come into my brain I will not be able to hear what the universe wants me to know. I will not be able to own my life.

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