Sunday, September 28, 2008

Freedom Tour 2008-09

I have some exciting News!

My coach and Mentor Michael Dlouhy will be taking a roadtrip accross the eastern US and up through Canada. He will be visiting 40+ cities and doing live live seminars. At this live training you will learn more about the Personality Colors, Learn more about Mentoring For Free, and learn about the 5 Pillars. Most importantly you will learn how you can own your life! I will be in Baltimore for sure! Here is the first group of cities Michael will be visiting.

1. Jacksonville, Fl October24, 2008
2. Grenville, SC October 25
3. Charlotte, NC October26
4. Roanoke, VA October27
5. Baltimore, MD October 28
6. Harrisburg, PA October 29
7. Philadelphia, PA October 30
8. New Jersey November 1
9. New York November 2
10. Massachusetts November 3
11. Manchester, NH November 5
12. New Brunswick Canada November 7
13. Montreal, Canada November 8
14. Toronto, Canada November 9
15. Cleavland, OH November 12
16. Detroit, MI November 13
17. Chicago, Ill November 14
18. Milwaukee, WI November 15
19. Indiana November 16
20. Elizabeth Town, KY November 17

I will update you with more information as soon as it is available.

Please contact me if you would like to attend. You will be my guest.


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