Monday, September 29, 2008

If you won the Lottery...How would your life change?

I would....

  1. Pay off my credit cards.
  2. Pay off my mortgage.
  3. Travel the world.
  4. Redecorate my home with a decorator.
  5. Help others by showing them a better life.
  6. Leave my family a legacy.
  7. Buy a new car.
  8. Spoil my hubby, kids and parents.
  9. Visit Hawaii.
  10. Go on a one month cruise.
  11. Travel the world.
  12. Hire a gardenter.
  13. Get out of debt.
  14. Build our savings.
  15. Relax and enjoy life.
  16. Install new hardwood floors.
  17. Go on a second honeymoon.
  18. Not worry about expenses.
  19. Feed the homeless.
  20. Enjoy my life with loved ones.
  21. Financially Support family members.
  22. Buy new dishwasher.
  23. Hire a housekeeper.
  24. Allow more time for spiritual growth.
  25. Upgrade my wardrobe.
  26. Go to Disneyworld.
  27. Visit castles in Scotland
  28. Fill my gas tank with a smile
  29. Swim with the dolphins.
  30. Be Happy.
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Great lens, makes you think!

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