Saturday, October 4, 2008

Trust your inner voice

I did exactly what I was told by my up-line.

I followed the system. Purchased leads. I called through those leads every day, because, as I was told, it's a numbers game and the more no's I get, the closer I get to the yes's. I stuck to the script, because this is how I was taught. If and when someone joined me, I only looked for the serious ones. They had to have a huge why and were serious. Serious enough to invest in advertising. I encouraged others to invest. And only invested my time in the 20% that were serious.

So why didn't' it work? Why, when I was making great money did it not feel good?

I have heard that we all have the answers within us. We all have an inner voice with the answers.

I knew deep down, that I was being lied to and I was in fact passing on those lies.

It had to stop.

Brainwashing is a tough word but it is the only way to describe what I allowed my up-line to do to me. I let them suck me into the hype and excitement. I looked at the flashy checks that they held up at training and on their sites. (I now know this is against the law-It's called enticement). I got sucked in.

How could I allow it to happen?

I believe in order for me to find my true passion and help others learn the truth I had to fail. I had to get hit really hard upside my head.

Today I own my life! I learned how to think rather than what to think. I got educated.

Do you have a little voice inside of you telling you that something just isn't right. Trust that voice. It knows.

~Wendy Krick

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