Monday, October 6, 2008

What is Wrong With a "4 Figure Earner"

This is a post on one of the MLM Forums that I visit and it is such a perfect word picture I had to post it here. Thank you Marcello!

marcellolisi wrote:This is Really a Great Thread here and I too hope people can really understand the message within it.

It reminds of a Story that Tom "Big Al" told me is the Abbreviated version:

I had a Guy join my team who wanted to make an extra income from home...Now he wasn't a really outgoing person and not very sociable but he still wanted to make an extra income from home so he Joined my business and started working...within 6 months he started consistently receiving an extra PayCheck for $300 per month.

Now this might not seem like a lot of money however, here is What Happened:

He decided to put that EXTRA Income towards paying off his Mortgage and within 5 Years had his mortgage completely Paid off...NOW all of a Sudden that Extra $300 per Month from his Network Marketing business turned into $900 of EXTRA Income NOT because his MLM Business Grew but because he didn't have to pay his $600 mortgage any longer.

He then decided to take that EXTRA $900 ($300 from his MLM + $600 from his now paid off Mortgage) and decided to buy a Rental Property. He took all the Money he was receiving from his Rental Property along with the $300 from his MLM business + the $600 from this now paid Mortgage and COMPLETELY paid off his Mortgage on the Rental Property in 3 Years.

Now all of a Sudden that $300 per Month of Extra Income from his MLM business turned into $2000 per month...NOT because his MLM business Grew but because he paid off his second Mortgage on the Rental Property so let's do the Math...$300 from his MLM business + $600 from his First Mortgage Paid off + $1,100 from his Rental Property Income...

He then decided to take that EXTRA $2000 and buy more Rental Properties. He took the entire Revenue from the Rental Properties along with his $2000 of EXTRA Income and Paid off all the Mortgages on the New Rental Properties within 2 Years...

And Guess What? Today this man is a Multi-MILLIONAIRE and a Real Estate Mogul and STILL receiving his $300 dollar Monthly check from his Network Marketing business.

The Point of this Story is that the dream of being a Six Figure Income earner in MLM / Network Marketing is HYPED UP ALL THE TIME and reality when you are able to start making EXTRA Income from home no matter what the amount is can Dramatically change your lives.

Hope this Helps :)

To Your Success,

Marcello Lisi
"Live your Dreams and Enjoy Life"

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