Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Mom, you're number 1 on google!"

"Mom, you're number 1 on google!"

My son told me he was playing around on the Internet and did a search for me and he couldn't believe all of the things that he found.

This brings up a good point that I think every net-worker should be aware of. It is really really important to use your name when you market.

When I first started marketing 6 years ago, I was afraid to use my name and began using a nick name on the Internet. I thought that if I used my real name, I would have people calling me and bugging me. I quickly learned that if you want to be successful in network marketing you need to open up and let people know a little bit about you.

Using your name gives you integrity. It lets people know that you are real and you don't have anything to hide. Now this doesn't mean that if you use a nickname that you do have something to hide. I'm just saying for me, when I started using my real name, I started getting better results on the Internet. I think a lot of it is perception. I tend to see someone more as an expert when they use their name rather than a nick name. Think of it this way, would you think of Mike Dillard the same way if he marketed his business with the nick name MickieDillie? I don't think I would. When you use your name when marketing your home based business it gives you more integrity.

And as my son Josh pointed out, another huge reason why I use my name is because I want people to be able to find me. I have had clients contact me and when I ask them how they found me, they said they saw a post on a forum and then googled my name. Now how cool is that. By the way, google loves Squidoo and forum posts.

So go right now and google you name. What do you see?

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