Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Buying Leads? What if prospects actually called you?

I did exactly what my up line told me to do. I invested in buying leads. I was told that if I wanted to be successful, I should call these leads and use the proven script that was given to me. I found that this was easier said than done. Often I would be hung up on or the person would say that they are no longer interested.

I found myself getting frustrated. I was following my steps exactly as I was trained and I just wasn’t getting results. Worse, I was going broke by continuing to buy leads. I thought it was something I was doing wrong, or maybe I just got a bad batch of leads.

But the truth is, my up-line didn’t know the secret and was therefore passing on bad information to me. She didn’t know that selling is about building relationships with people and being attractive so that people would come to me. This is called attraction marketing.

So I stopped trying to “get” people to join my business. Now I simply give away my knowledge and friendship without a hidden agenda. Now people are joining me.

Attraction marketing is a totally different approach to networking.

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