Tuesday, January 1, 2008

MLM? What is the Right Business for me?

In one of the social networking groups that I belong to, this question was asked...

With all of the many mlm's and network marketing businesses out their how do I find the right business for me?

So here is my question to you? What are you looking for in a business?

Are you looking for a stable debt free company?

What about a company with highly consumed products that are competitively priced with a high reorder rate? You know products that people use everyday like toothpaste or underarm deodorant. (I hope people use this everyday).

What about no sales quota? Did you know some companies require you to do $1000 or more in personal business before you can even get paid on your down-line. Yuck! Who wants that? I know I don't.

Are you looking for a business that has a small start up or low entry fee?

What if you worked with a company who had a low attrition rate. Imagine your business if 95% of your customers reordered every month! What would that mean to your pocket book?

Do you wish you didn't have to collect money or carry an inventory or deliver products?

What if you worked with a coach who who could show you how to make money without paying a lot of money in advertising.

The old saying "You need to spend money to make money is a lie."

Yes, You can find success in network marketing and a business like this does exist.

Contact Wendy Krick for more details.


Wendy Krick is an entrepreneur with 4 plus years of mlm experience. She has failed in mlm and has since found success in this incredible industry. Her passion is to help others avoid some of the pitfalls in the industry.

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