Sunday, February 8, 2009

Attraction Marketing Reviewed

In Network Marketing you are constantly learning new things. You also learn a lot of lessons. Here are a few of the lessons I learned in 2008.

The first lesson was that old school methods like buying leads, home parties and bugging friends and family don't work. People don't want to be prospected. So I learned to become the leader that people would want to follow and people began coming to me.

I also learned that you need a proven duplicatable system to grow your business. This way your new prospects can easily follow you.

So I began researching different systems and signed up for two of them.

Both systems were very similar. They both focused on attraction marketing. They both had wonderful resource's to teach you the skills you needed to be successful. I loved them both and learned a lot from both of them.

Now in 2009 after incredible statistics and results I have decided to only use one of those two lead generation companies. Can you guess the name? It is Magnetic Sponsoring.

How did I decide? Well it was pretty much a no brain-er. First of all I don't have to pay for a website (The other system charged 19.95 a month). Second, I get paid to prospect. What this means is I get a check whether the person signs up or not. Last January I earned over $400 from Magnetic Sponsoring.

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~Wendy Krick

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